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Hello. I am iciclehunter and this is my diary. My job title is "osteopath", and my work is hunting for clues, detective work, problem-solving. These things involve reason and science, but are not limited by them. They also involve the eye of experience, and "hunches". Thus, some would regard my activities as those of a quack, a title I assume here with irony. I am writing this blog because I like writing. I am quite opinionated, and perhaps I suffer from a repressed need for expression. I have no particular prior "agenda"; if I have any bees in my bonnet, no doubt they will make themselves apparent by their buzzing. All names and identifying details of any people featuring in these anecdotes have been changed. Thank you for reading.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Too many cooks

A young lady phoned me this morning. The conversation went like this:

"I've been to a dentist and a posturologist and the dentist says I must go to an osteopath because the posturologist says my coccyx is bent to the right and it needs to be straightened."

(The coccyx is the tail bone).

A deep breath. "What was the problem you went to the dentist and the posturologist for?"

"I've been suffering from neck pain."

(This could be reasonable. Some neck pain is caused by problems of occlusion or teeth grinding (bruxism), which dentists can help. The posture is obviously a relevant matter, although I have a lot of reservations about the role of the so-called science of "posturology").

"Well. It works like this. When I see a patient, I assess and treat them globally, I do not treat one bit. So no, I cannot just straighten your coccyx under the instructions of a dentist or anybody else. I can and would work to improve the workings of your body according to holistic osteopathic concepts. I suggest you go back and tell the dentist you have spoken to me and this is what I have said."

"I'd like an appointment anyway, please."

This lady obviously likes straight talking.

Good teamwork is fantastic. But this could never be good teamwork. At the very least the dentist should have phoned me to ask how I work and to refer his patient for an opinion. And as I have intimated above I am not a fan of posturologists: they are, in my considered opinion, middle-men for a pseudo-scientific round of passing the patient (at his/her great expense) between different specialists, in most cases to no substantive conclusion. In any case good osteopathy makes them redundant. This not teamwork and it is not holism, it is simply a case of "too many cooks".

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