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Hello. I am iciclehunter and this is my diary. My job title is "osteopath", and my work is hunting for clues, detective work, problem-solving. These things involve reason and science, but are not limited by them. They also involve the eye of experience, and "hunches". Thus, some would regard my activities as those of a quack, a title I assume here with irony. I am writing this blog because I like writing. I am quite opinionated, and perhaps I suffer from a repressed need for expression. I have no particular prior "agenda"; if I have any bees in my bonnet, no doubt they will make themselves apparent by their buzzing. All names and identifying details of any people featuring in these anecdotes have been changed. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

And they call us quacks - Part 2

A 70-year-old lady presented with right thigh pain and, after examining her, I concluded she required an x-ray of her pelvis and right hip, so I wrote a letter to her doctor to that effect. Her doctor was unimpressed and reluctant.

"Are you aware that this person is not a doctor?" the doctor asked our patient.
(He is right: in Europe osteopaths are not usually medical doctors.)
"I know perfectly well what he is and what he isn't", she replied.
(She was able to reply in this way because I had explained it to her.)

"Do you have pain at night?" he enquired.
She doesn't.
"Well, it's nothing to do with your hip", he concluded.

So I asked my patient, "Was your doctor sitting behind his desk?"
"Of course."
"Did he examine you?"
"Of course not, he's never examined me."

So I said to her, "When your doctor examines you and comes to a reasoned working explanation for your pain, that's when I'll start listening to him."

In this doctor's opinion, apparently, the right professional title is considerably more important than a willingness and/or ability to carry out a clinical examination.

And they call us quacks.

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