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Hello. I am iciclehunter and this is my diary. My job title is "osteopath", and my work is hunting for clues, detective work, problem-solving. These things involve reason and science, but are not limited by them. They also involve the eye of experience, and "hunches". Thus, some would regard my activities as those of a quack, a title I assume here with irony. I am writing this blog because I like writing. I am quite opinionated, and perhaps I suffer from a repressed need for expression. I have no particular prior "agenda"; if I have any bees in my bonnet, no doubt they will make themselves apparent by their buzzing. All names and identifying details of any people featuring in these anecdotes have been changed. Thank you for reading.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

And they call us quacks - Part 3

An 82 year-old lady patient has moved back to her home country, one of the reasons being she thinks she may get better medical care there. She used always to ask me why she had this symptom, why she had that symptom. She has lots of symptoms. She has been a heavy smoker. She has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues. Her peripheral circulation (legs) is very bad. And she is not young. Her doctors (general practitioner and various specialists), she said, never explained to her why she had her symptoms. But they gave her, between them, at least 8 medicines to be taken orally contemporaneously. With a cocktail like that, it's difficult to say whether this or that symptom is not a side-effect of their interactions. Her doctors, she said, often did not know or ask what their colleagues had prescribed. So she asked me her questions, who as an osteopath, not a medical practitioner, do not have the legal competence to advise her on these issues. Yet her doctors, who have the legal competence, and indeed duty to do so, were evidently not doing it adequately, either because they didn't have the actual technical competence, or because they couldn't be bothered. This lady is not, as it happens, an unusual case. And they call us quacks.

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